Welcome to the website of the Polish-Chinese Chamber of Industry and Commerce!

Polish-Chinese Chamber of Industry and Commerce is an organization whose mission is to develop business environment, promote trade and create investment opportunities, encourage the development of contacts with other companies as well as promote both Polish and Chinese culture.

Our mission is:

  • Supporting and influencing trade and economic relations between Poland and China.
  • Improving business activity.
  • Supporting and promoting  members of our Board and their economic initiatives.
  • Representing the interests of members of the Chamber before governmental bodies, courts and other institutions and organizations.
  • Working for the protection and development of  Polish business in China and Chinese business in Poland.
  • Creating possiblities of solving problems through mediation or arbitration process.
  • Promoting cultural and social projects aimed at the integration of members of the Chamber to the environment in which they work.

How can we help?

We can provide information about the economic situation in which it is possible to start projects in both Poland and China.  
We organize and participate in various conferences, debates, seminars, symposia, exhibitions, fairs and many other promotional events.  
We prepare opinions, analyzes and market reports and indicate the potential for trade and economic areas, where it is preferable to create new ventures.
We prepare professional training and lectures aimed at developing professional business.
We work with government agencies, embassies, consulates and other relevant institutions and organizations.

Our activity : NOT

In November 2008, we signed a cooperation agreement with the Polish Federation of Engineering.  Our goal is to assist in the exchange of technical ideas between Poland and China. Gdansk University of Technology is the first institution, that wants to help encourage Chinese students to study there. We also want to support the University in academic exchanges between scientists from  Poland and China. Chamber's dream is to be a bridge that would connect Poland and China in terms of trade, culture and education.
We want to help all those who want to try trading in China or Poland. This assistance shall also apply to those who want to study in one of the countries or just to visit it.  What's more, we hope that it will be possible to link Polish and Chinese cities and and to begin a long and fruitful friendship.

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